2. Is a perpetual motion(engine) or free energy a dream?

It is generally considered that a perpetual motion or free energy could not be realized. The reason is depending on a doctrine that the impossibility is proved by the law of thermodynamics. The law of thermodynamics contains a conception of physical work( as energy = force * displacement), if they define the energy as it, the perpetual motion would be impossible.

What they define work = force * displacement as physics quantity must be a way of mathematical expression of the quantity. However it is not able to define the work as energy artificiality. The conception of energy is wider than the physical work, the work is only one expression of energy which include the work conceptually. If they claim the energy conservation by using of the work concept, it could not apply the whole element of energy.

Thinking it logically, they can never prove impossibility of the perpetual motion. We can only prove about known phenomenon, but unknown, everyone probably agree with it by logical thought. We mankind do not know all law of nature yet. Accordingly, the thought of the impossibility is only doctrine, but truth. It is denied logically, we ought to exclude such the thought to be misunderstood from physics even doctrine. In fact, many innocent people or scientist who get knowledge immediately unless sufficient thought have been recognizing false thought that "the perpetual motion is impossible in theory". If they have been thinking to solve things as such conclusion, they would never obtain any development.

"Such problem has been already solved."

This is all conclusion they obtain.

However there are many true scientist who try to judge against facing fact by fully thought in the world. In United States of America, they are endeavoring to realize the free energy.

Described conclusion in this introduction is that "we can not prove impossibility of the perpetual motion theoretically", not to express that the perpetual motion is possible. It might be impossible in truth, but we may also think it possible now.

Preparations have been ready for first step to go new frontier. Needless to say, I will describe to prove possibility of the perpetual motion from next page. You might feel to go a long way round about explanation of next pages, but there are all necessary things. First, let's consider basically things of energy as a collision of two objects.

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