1. Why a top doesn't tip over

Why doesn't a top tip over as it is rotating? Nobody can answer the mechanics of this phenomenon that was found a few hundred years ago or more.

Is it a dull matter for physicists to consider the phenomenon of a top? I don't think it is dull because this phenomenon will lead us great new laws of physics in near future.

If you have much time, better consider in your head why a top doesn't tip over. Even the result has become the same as I'm explaining on this site, I don't think it wastes the time. It is good practice for thinking. It's not necessarily good to obtain knowledge instantly. Any knowledge that you have and becomes a preconception can obstruct your freedom of thought.

Are you ready to go on the treasure hunt with me?
OK? Just let's start!

1.1 What is a top
1.2 What against a top doesn't tip over
1.3 Motion of top
1.4 Why does a rotating ball curve
1.5 What controlling gravity is
1.6 Why a top does move as precession
1.7 The principle of gravitation propelling engine
1.8 Gravitation propelling engine with ring structure
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Updated 25/Mar/1997